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Velvet Hammer Cabernet Sauvignon

v. 2018
Great character is forged through great perseverance

Tasting Notes
After our vines persevered through a long, frigid winter and a scorching summer, our grapes were harvested late to create a robust and flavorful character. While ripe and concentrated flavors of dark fruit strike the palate, tannins coat the mouth with a smooth, velvety texture. The result is a powerful wine whose excellence is a testimony to its perseverance.

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ARCH RIVAL wine is a masterful encounter between two opposing forces: the first is big, bold flavor that strikes the palate with incredible richness. The second is a taming balance that wraps the tongue in velvety softness.

The result is a wine that bombards the glass with the perfect blend of bold and smooth, of rich and soft, of big and balanced.

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Our wines are available in select markets only.

To find out when Arch Rival will be available in your area please contact us toll-free at 833.777.6744

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